Retaliation Termination And Forced Resignations

Employers sometimes engage in conduct that skirts the line of what is permitted or legal. Occasionally, they may cross that line. Employees may discover this conduct and have the integrity to raise questions. You may find yourself in a difficult situation and decide to do the right thing and report it. If your employer knows it was you, you may suddenly find your performance reviews plummet, your work assignment or schedules become intentionally impossible or inconvenient, or you may be fired outright.

Our attorney can help at The Law Offices of Joseph C. Bird, PLLC. We have assisted many employees who have been subjected to termination or forced resignation in retaliation for asserting guaranteed rights under the various state and federal labor laws, workers’ compensation programs or whistleblowing protection for unethical or illegal conduct.

Wrongful Termination For Asserting Valid Rights

This type of termination may occur in a wide variety of circumstances. You may have suffered an injury at work and filed for workers’ compensation. You may have witnessed your company engaging in accounting or tax fraud. Your employer may be dumping toxic substances illegally to save the cost of proper disposal. You may be a salesperson with a large commission coming due in the future, and your employer may try to avoid that payment by terminating your employment in advance.

Whatever the alleged reason for your termination, we can help. In addition, you can greatly strengthen your case by maintaining meticulous records and documentation of everything that is going on. Copies of your email communications, photographs or videos of illegal conduct, a careful notebook with a record of every phone call or meeting with detailed notes of what was discussed and with whom, can all provide strong evidence supporting your side of the story.

When Something Isn’t Quite Right

If you are uncertain, but suspect something is not quite right, our employment lawyer can explain the type of evidence that is necessary, how to collect that information legally and other actions that you can use to protect yourself such as tape recording of phone calls.

Retaliation claims can be complex and have many technical requirements, and we can advise you and provide guidance with all aspects of your case.

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