Were you wrongfully terminated from your employment?

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Over the past 18 months or so many employees have come to appreciate their jobs more than ever before. The job market in Michigan is tough, as it is throughout the country. However, even though you may be viewing the relationship between you and your employer in a new light, it is important to remember that there are many employment laws that protect your rights. If your employer attempts to bend those rules – or break them – there may be legal consequences.

For example, if your employer terminates you from your job, it must be done in legal fashion. Unfortunately, sometimes employers do not follow the rules and may terminate employees for unlawful reasons, such as in retaliation for whistleblowing, for instance, or perhaps discrimination came into play. If you suspect that your employer violated state or federal employment laws when you were terminated from your employment, you may have legal claims to explore.

Wrongful termination cases

As our readers in Michigan may know, wrongful termination cases can be difficult to pursue. In many cases, the evidence needed to prove your case is hard to come by – mostly because it is probably in the employer’s possession. Putting these cases together oftentimes takes a lot of work. But, that should not be a deterrent when your employment law rights are on the line.

At our law firm, we understand that Michigan residents who believe they have been wrongfully terminated are angry and anxious. We do our best to help our clients build strong cases against their former employers. For more information, please visit the wrongful termination overview section of our law firm’s website.