Detroit property tax foreclosures continue to stun

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Foreclosure is serious business. It can strip you of your home, devastate your credit, and even leave you with stress, anxiety, and depression that can be difficult to overcome. But if it looks like you may be facing foreclosure in the near future you shouldn’t let your worry paralyze you into inaction. Instead, you should be aware of your foreclosure defense options.

Foreclosure based on unpaid property taxes

In far too many cases in the Detroit area, homes are foreclosed upon because their owners are accused of failing to pay the full extent of their property taxes for a significant period of time, then they are unable to pay it all when collectors come knocking. In fact, research shows that Detroit homeowners have been subjected to about $600 million in inflated property taxes. This has left countless families in a position where they are unable to keep their home.

Seeking reassessment

The city of Detroit claims that the issue of overcharged property taxes was resolved years ago when the county conducted a reassessment. Local residents disagree. That’s why many of them have turned to legal help. In many instances, a legal professional has been able step in, assist in having an independent assessment completed, and then negotiate with the city to resolve the issue. Litigation may proved useful in these circumstances, too. In other words, if the city is threatening you with foreclosure due to unpaid property taxes, you shouldn’t just sit back and take their word for it. Instead, you should aggressively fight to protect your interests.

Find the right assistance for you

We know that dealing with legal challenges like foreclosure can be stressful. That’s why we diligently work to build the persuasive legal arguments that our clients need, thereby lifting the burden from their shoulders. So, if you’re facing foreclosure and want to learn more about what can be done to protect your home and your future, then now is the time to think about discussing your circumstances with an experienced law firm like ours.