Stopping discrimination before it destroys your career

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You have the right to fair treatment at work and to a safe environment. Any behavior from another that compromises these rights can have detrimental effects on your well-being, your work and your career.

At the earliest sign of mistreatment, do not be afraid to act. Your courage to speak up and to report discrimination can preserve your career and prevent the debilitating effects of mistreatment from derailing your professional success.

What it looks like

Even if your suffering seems subtle, ignoring unfair treatment can jeopardize your focus and your safety at work. According to Chron, discrimination takes on many forms including the following:

  • Unjust discipline
  • Unfair allocation of workplace duties
  • Harassment in regards to your gender, race, sex, religion or other factors
  • Unfair practices for promotion

How to respond

Document the situations where you feel unjustly treated. Include details about the situation, names of the individuals perpetrating the discriminatory actions and time stamps. Report your concerns to the human resource department and ask what you should expect going forward. In serious cases, you may feel the need to take time away from work until perpetrators have received an adequate reprimand. You should continue to communicate with your employer to verify the effectiveness of their intervention.

If the discrimination you experience has impacted your safety or caused you to feel anxiety about working, you may need to consult with your employer to discuss alternative work options while you recover. In cases where unfair treatment has created the need for you to get a new job entirely, you may choose to file a lawsuit where you can address the debilitating outcome of the mistreatment you experienced.