Gender discrimination in Michigan: What you should know

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With more women entering the workforce, you may think that the lines between male and female work roles have become somewhat blurred. You may feel that the push for equality has minimized the roadblocks women must face when pursuing a career in any field.

Yet gender inequality still exists in Michigan and through the United States. Those who have had their careers affected by this discrimination have the right to file a claim and speak up regarding the mistreatment.

What is gender discrimination?

Gender discrimination occurs when a person is treated or paid differently based solely on their gender, as reported by State News. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, women earned an average of 85% of what men earned in 2019. This percentage differs across industries as well.

In one case, a group of female journalists filed a discrimination claim based on the difference in pay to their male counterparts. Women photographers for the company made $4.00 less than male photographers and female reporters made $2 less on average than male reporters.

In other cases, women are talked down to, as if they do not know as much as male workers. They may not be taken seriously or given the same respect as men in the company.

Why is it hard for women?

Women face a number of challenges when attempting to work in a male-dominated environment. Child care if an often underestimated challenge, as some women rely on finding and affording adequate child care so they can work.

According to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, women have a right to file a discrimination claim if any of the following has occurred:

  • Paid less for an equal amount of work
  • Denied a promotion due to gender
  • Denied access into a labor organization
  • Denied employment
  • Fired without a good reason
  • Harassed on the job

Women have the right to be treated fairly for hard work and time they have put into their job.