Whistleblower protection case stems from firing of city manager

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Michigan workers who become aware of wrongdoing in the workplace and seek to put a stop to it could be rebuffed in their efforts. This can happen in various ways including threats to their employment, bribes and even dismissal. When there is illegal behavior and an employee wants to address it, it may be necessary to consider a whistleblower protection lawsuit. This might be integral to ensuring that the person reporting what is happening is shielded and the problems that served as the catalyst to the complaint are adequately investigated. Legal help may be crucial in these instances.

Man asserts female subordinates were blocked from pay raises

A man who worked as a city manager is pursuing a whistleblower claim. He was dismissed from his job for what he says was retaliation after complaining that three female subordinates were prevented from getting pay raises. The raises were designed to bring their salaries to the same level as males who did the same job. They worked as heads of departments. He believes the failure to raise their salaries commensurately with the men was gender-related. He filed his complaint after he gave testimony as part of a different lawsuit. Once the local city council heard about his testimony, it took steps to remove him from his position.

His legal representative says that there was no cause for his firing. The decision to replace him was categorized as a simple decision not to renew his contract. He had been on the job since the start of 2017. Part of his duties were to keep track of wages and ensure that the salaries were the same as other communities. When he found that the women were not paid as well as the men, he recommended that they receive raises. The request was ignored. Once he testified about it in the women’s case accusing others of sexual harassment, he was fired. He has three decades of experience in his job.

Legal assistance when considering being a whistleblower

People should not be penalized for doing the right thing. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happens when they choose to stand up and speak out to try and bring a level of fairness and legality to a situation. Those who are considering being a whistleblower should understand that they might face a backlash for it. When that includes being unfairly dismissed, it is imperative to understand how to move forward to seek justice. A firm with experience in providing whistleblower protection may be able to help with a case.