Finding the courage to address disability discrimination

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From discrimination based on one’s gender to unlawful mistreatment in the workplace as a result of age (such as workers in their 40s and beyond), employees are discriminated against in many ways. Sadly, some people experience discrimination because of a disability they struggle with, whether they have had a particular disability for their entire lives or they recently became disabled. If you are dealing with disability discrimination, you need to have determination and confidence while standing up for your rights. 

Regrettably, disability discrimination is often overlooked and some victims do not even recognize that their rights were violated. 

Identifying disability discrimination

According to Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, disability discrimination involves unfavorable treatment due to a current or former disability. There are many ways in which disability discrimination surfaces, whether an employee is fired for an unlawful reason or they are demoted, repeatedly harassed or paid less even though they are fully capable of performing their job duties (and even outperform their colleagues). It is crucial to pinpoint unlawful discrimination immediately and gain the confidence to hold offenders accountable. 

Identifying legal strategies to combat discrimination

If you experienced discrimination because of a disability, you need to look into your legal options. Sometimes, filing a complaint resolves the issue and allows victims to receive the support they deserve. However, some people need to take their case to the courtroom. If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit because of disability discrimination, make sure you are prepared for the potential obstacles that lie ahead and have a solid understanding of legal avenues that will help ensure you are compensated for the challenges you have had to endure.