Discrimination and unemployment

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If you are currently unemployed, you likely have various concerns and stressors. In the U.S., many people are currently in a similar position and it is unfortunate that for many people who are out of work, discrimination makes life even harder. In fact, discrimination affects those who are unemployed in different ways, whether they lost their job because of racial discrimination or their application is tossed out solely because of their age.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, workers experience unlawful discrimination for many reasons, whether they are treated unfairly because of their age, sexual orientation or race. Unfortunately, some people who experience discrimination feel voiceless and fail to take a firm stand for their legal rights.

When discrimination leads to the loss of a job

Sometimes, those who experience discrimination in the workplace ultimately lose their position as a result of mistreatment. Whether you are fired because of your age, racial background, sex or religious beliefs, this is a serious violation that requires immediate action. Job loss resulting from discrimination brings many hardships into the lives of victims, from emotional distress to financial hardships, and victims deserve justice.

When discrimination occurs during the hiring process

Sometimes, people experience discrimination when they do not even work for a company. Regrettably, many people are discriminated against while applying for a job and this can lead to a sense of hopelessness. Often, it is difficult to pinpoint discrimination when one’s application is rejected, but some people have clear evidence that they experienced discrimination and you need to take a firm stand for your rights if you are in this position.