Examples of Equal Employment Opportunity violations

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In Michigan, employees are protected from discrimination with regard to employment. Unfortunately, mistreatment takes many forms and some victims do not recognize Equal Employment Opportunity violations when they occur. If your rights are violated in any form as a result of discrimination, you need to address the situation swiftly and promptly.

Many employees recognize discrimination when they are harassed at work or their position is terminated for an invalid reason. However, there are many other examples of unlawful mistreatment in the workplace.

Looking at Equal Employment Opportunity violations

According to the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, there are many Equal Employment Opportunity violations that violate the rights of Michigan citizens. For example, victims have the right to file a complaint if they are wrongfully fired, denied a promotion or paid less for the same work because of their racial background, sex or age. Moreover, it is also against the law for employers to refuse to hire someone because or prevent them from entering a training program because of their race or sex. In fact, Equal Employment Opportunity rights also protect workers from unlawful expulsion from labor organizations and the refusal to admit a worker into such an organization because of their racial background or sex.

Equal Employment Opportunity rights and one’s background

Aside from race, sex and age, there are other reasons why employees experience unlawful discrimination. Some victims are mistreated because of their marital status or as a result of their genetic information, while others experience discrimination on the basis of their disability. In fact, workers are protected from discrimination due to their religious beliefs, height and weight as well.