Are you facing discrimination for your pregnancy?

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Michigan workers like you deserve to work with respect and dignity. Unfortunately, workplace discrimination still happens all across the country. You may face discrimination yourself without even realizing it.

This is especially true when it comes to pregnancy discrimination. This discrimination often comes in subtle forms. That makes it harder to detect when it is happening.

“Icing out” a pregnant worker

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says what pregnancy discrimination can look like. Often, discrimination against pregnant workers is not obvious. It is not like sexual discrimination, which often garners a lot of attention.

This is because the goal of pregnancy discrimination is often to get the pregnant worker to quit. One of the most common tactics involves “icing out” the pregnant worker. This means other workers refuse to interact with them properly. They create a hostile environment, but the hostility is often subtle. For example, you may find yourself invited to fewer off-the-clock parties or gatherings. You may even find yourself left out of work meetings.

Subtle tactics are hard to notice

These tactics are hard to spot because a person can cover them. They can say they do not wish to add more to your plate due to the pregnancy. Sometimes, people do mean well. Other times, it is discriminatory behavior.

Keep your eye out for signs of discrimination. This includes others leaving you out of activities both during work and after hours. Make note if supervisors become more critical of your work. Notice if supervisors drop talks of promotions or raises. If they begin to assign you to unwanted tasks, this is also a red flag. Finally, keep your ear open for potential gossip. These combined signs may indicate that you are facing intentional discrimination.