Worker lawsuit against university over alleged retaliation termination

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Retaliation Termination And Forced Resignations |

Many news headlines today highlight the actions of people reporting or calling attention to unethical or even illegal behaviors and decisions on the part of their employers or colleagues. These events may relate to private companies, non-profit organizations, public and governmental agencies, educational institutions and more. Understanding the range of topics involved in these cases may provide guidance to anyone who has concerns about their own employer’s actions or policies. 

One example in Michigan involved a woman who reported into the finance department of the University of Michigan. A report by The Michigan Daily indicates that the woman had a colleague who held a managerial role in a permanent capacity, but that this role was alleged to be in direct violation of that person’s legal status in the country as they were from another country. 

The finance employee alleged her direct boss requested that she misrepresent the other employee’s ability to hold their position, and that her boss indicated she would lose her job if she did not comply or did not resign. Upon being terminated, the woman sued the university and eventually settled the case for more than $200,000 in lost income as well as more than $80,000 in attorney fees. The university denied any wrongdoing despite making the settlement. 

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