Can a landlord keep my property after eviction?

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Eviction is stressful for anybody going through it, be it’s an individual homeowner or a business. However, if you are going through a commercial eviction, you have some specific worries that individual homeowners may not have. 

It is important to know that even if the courts serve you an eviction notice as a business, the landlord is not able to force you to exit the property until that landlord has won an unlawful detainer lawsuit. Once this has occurred, you may be lawfully evicted from the building. However, according to Chron, the landlord does not have the rights to your property inside of the building. 

Can a landlord remove my property? 

This may only happen after you have been legally evicted. Once this has happened, you will receive an eviction warrant to either the rental property or your last known residential address. This will inform you that you have been formally evicted from the premises, and that you must come and remove your personal property from the building. 

In the event that you have left your property behind or do not return to the site to reclaim your property, the landlord may then legally remove it. 

Can a landlord withhold my property? 

In this case, the answer is no. Sometimes landlords will try to withhold the property of a tenant to get rent from the tenants, but this is not legal. The landlord is also not permitted to lock you out of the premises prior to you having the opportunity to remove your property from the inside. 

Once the eviction process has been completely finished, at this point the landlord may go in and remove the property if the tenant has not done so.