What are the different types of liens?

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There are three kinds of liens that can affect the property. There is a consensual lien, which is one with your permission. There is a statutory lien which is by operation of law, and the last one is a judgment lien. 

According to theBalancesmb, a consensual lien is one that you give on purpose, usually to a lender to secure repayment of a debt. For example, when you buy a car and you finance the car, you get a certificate of title to the vehicle. Once you buy it, on the title, there will be a lien in favor of the creditor who has loaned you the money to buy the car. Once you pay off the car, you get a statement and a release of lien. Then you take that with your title to the motor vehicle department and have it removed. That way, you are in the clear and you own the vehicle. 

The next kind of lien is a statutory lien. Usually, these are related to taxes. If you do not pay taxes on your house or if where you live there is an assessed tax for your house, then the county or state that levies that tax can put a lien on your property. Similarly, if someone comes and does work at your house and fulfills certain requirements, they can put a mechanic lien against you against your house. Then there are broader liens for non-payment of federal taxes that can encumber all of your property. Whoever is going to put the lien in place just has to comply with whatever the legal provision is, and then they will have a lien. 

The final one is a judgment lien. This occurs whenever a personal judgment is entered against you for money.