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Nearly 40 Years Of Experience

Hiring an attorney is a daunting task. You are dealing with a situation that you know is “a legal problem,” but may not fully understand all the ramifications. How do you choose? You want an experienced lawyer, one who has worked on similar issues and who can help you in a cost-effective and efficient fashion.

At The Law Offices of Joseph C. Bird, PLLC, our attorney has practiced law since 1981. He has worked with legal and litigation matters of broad scope and of significant complexity, from litigation management to environmental, intellectual property and securities law. Our attorney has helped consumers deal with mortgage foreclosure issue and corporate boards cope with Sarbanes–Oxley Act (SOX) compliance.

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A High-Energy, High-Integrity, High-Powered Professional

Joseph C. Bird is highly skilled at all aspects of complex litigation. He has worked as general counsel for a corporation and understands the perspective and concerns of boards of directors. This experience helps our firm provide insight into how an entity may view looming litigation and the type of strategic issues they may weigh when determining how to proceed with litigation or work to settle a matter.

Experience With A Broad Variety Of Legal Topics

In addition to working as general counsel, our lawyer has experience in matters involving:

  • Employment law
    • Sales rep commission disputes
    • Non-disclosure agreements and violations
    • Wrongful termination
  • Mortgage law
  • Alternatives to mortgage foreclosure
  • Whistleblower law
    • Whistleblower claims
    • False Claims Act
  • Business litigation and disputes
    • Insurance litigation
    • Risk evaluation
    • Errors and omissions litigation
    • Directors and officers litigation
    • Tax and insurance fraud cases
    • Federal appellate litigation
    • Copyright issues
    • Environmental law and compliance

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