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Highly-Skilled Litigation Counsel

Many legal issues are complex. With some issues, simply understanding the problem may take pages of explanation. At The Law Offices of Joseph C. Bird, PLLC, our attorney is well-positioned to help with these types of complexities.

Experience For Life's Legal Complexities

We have more than 40 years of legal experience representing clients with complex mortgage, whistleblower, confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements and employment contract disputes. We provide sophisticated litigation representation as well as counseling and advising clients with contract, commission agreement, confidentiality agreement and a broad range of issues involving mortgages and foreclosures.

Problems With A Mortgage?

For many people, their mortgage may be the most complex set of legal documents they encounter during their lives. The application and closing documents for purchasing a home can extend across hundreds of pieces of paper. During your closing, you may have signed dozens of documents. And frankly, did you understand the implication of many of them beyond that they would allow you to receive a mortgage loan and move into your new home?

When you encounter difficulties with that mortgage, you may have many options, but do you know what they are and which will best resolve your issues? Our lawyer has decades of experience working with complex contracts and financial documents and we can help you choose a path that will enable you to obtain the best outcome for your situation.

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For experienced assistance for a range of litigation, employment and mortgage issues in Michigan, call our Birmingham office at 248-658-8590 to make an appointment with our lawyer or use our contact form. Se Habla Español.


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